How can we honor cherished ideas and practices from Narrative therapy while also learning from new developments in the field of neuroscience? Please help us build this page!

Gleanings from neuroscience

Maggie Carey describes how findings from neuroscience correlate with practices from Narrative therapy. An important finding is neuroplasticity, which translates to the possibility of always being able develop new stories in the brain. The recording is part of the online course An Introduction to Rich Story Development.

Collaborative Therapy and Neurobiology: Evolving practices in action

Edited by Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin and Jim Duvall. Routledge, New York. 2017

Collaborative Therapy and Neurobiology links interpersonal neurobiology and other new understandings of the brain with innovative therapeutic practices in response to trauma and to foster wellbeing. The collection of writings provide theoretical food for thought, research evidence, and hands-on, concrete clinical illustrations including a number of  transcripts of conversations and clinical stories.

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