Re-Authoring Teaching’s public YouTube channel offers free glimpses of some of our rich online content. Our videos  are organized into a number of playlists with edited videos from Narrative Camp, workshops, glimpses into our online courses, Collab Salons and presentations recorded by our partners. We’re constantly working to add new videos, so check the channel often!

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Check out these highlights from our playlists:

Vermont Narrative Camp includes over 50 free videos edited from workshops and our time together while living side-by-side on Lake Champlain through Narrative Camp and Educators Camp.

Narrative Therapy, Trauma & The Affective Turn

How can Narrative Therapy honor history while bridging with other embodied approaches?

Links to Burning Topic and online series

What I Learned From My Mentor

We honor our mentors through stories about specific learnings that shape us in our work and lives. Links to webpage

Earth’s Environmental Crisis & Opportunity

During this time of significant shifts in our social and ecological world, what ideas and practices are we offering our clients, ourselves, and our wider communities? Links to Burning Topic

Re-Authoring Teaching News

Check here for updates on what we’re up to at Re-Authoring Teaching.

Narrative Practices Around the World

Hear from the global community engaging with narrative practices. Links to Hot Topic

Michael White’s Legacy

Experience the inspiration of narrative therapy’s late co-founder. Links to Hot Topic

David Epston: Improvisation, Innovations & Collaboration

What makes a good question? What guides inquiry in narrative therapy? Links to Hot Topic