Over the past decade, we have been organizing Workshops & Narrative Camps in a beautiful Vermont locations. Our hope is always to create rigorous and lively learning experiences where participants can further develop skills in narrative approaches in collaboration with others, while savoring an environment offering panoramic views, good company, and outdoor splendors.  Each of these gatherings has become an important source of learning, warm memories and enduring connections across generations and around the world.

Our last Narrative Camp was in 2019. During the pandemic, we took a step back from sponsoring live events.  Re-authoring Confinement  has given us time to work with existing materials and reassess our priorities and next steps. Narrative camps were truly a labor of love and we regret bringing them to an end. We’ve come to realize that our efforts may be better aimed at creating enduring content that can be accessed internationally.   Having professionally recorded our live and digital events,  we  are eagerly transforming these recordings into new online courses. As of June 2022, please review three courses in development to learn about what’s in the pipeline. By early in 2023, we aim to offer eight online courses.

It is our dream to create an online series of narrative courses and Collab Salons that will inspire practitioners. We also believe these offerings could be very useful to graduate programs and other institutes of higher education.Please watch this site and sign up for our newsletter to learn more.

A Tribute to Narrative Camp

Our workshops and Narrative Camps brought together practitioners and teachers from all over the world drawn to informal opportunities for practice, reflection and replenishment. Check out What is Narrative Camp to get a taste of photos and videos, or take a look on our Past Workshops in order to know about teachers and topics ranging from: emerging approaches to narrative practices, responding to trauma, hope and beauty, magic, ethical resistance, and of course, refreshing the spirit of the work.