Refreshing Our Spirit in the Work

As a collaborative venture, how can we come together around a shared vision of building a global learning community while at the same time building a culture of relating that honors local knowledges and the social location of its members? What are we learning about how local communities might think about co-learning narrative ideas and practices alongside others who perhaps have a longer relationship with these ideas and practices? How might we support Narrative principles and practices to be best learned, sustained and applied to people’s particular professional and personal contexts? What will help us resist burnout toward sustaining a narrative future with support for practice, reflection, replenishment and community building?

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Refreshing our Spirit in the Work Series

We are happy to announce our Refreshing our Spirit in the Work series that focus on small, local workshops in the Champlain Valley of Vermont as well as Narrative Camp on Lake Champlain. These offerings are guaranteed to be infused with the Vermont spirit of collaboration, restoration, and down-to-earth outdoor fun…

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What is Narrative Camp?

Many people who come to our June Vermont workshops stay for the entire week in cottage rentals on Lake Champlain. We help find cottages that soon become filled with a blend of consultation groups, individuals, couples and families from around the world. Over the years, this experience of shared living by the lake has affectionately taken on the name, Narrative Camp…

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Extending Narrative Practice: Refreshing the spirit of the work

These workshops (2010 & 2012) with Gaye Stockell, Peggy Sax & Shona Russell took place at All Souls Gathering in Shelburne, Vermont. Memories highlight how we could take advantage of the gorgeous Vermont countryside- meeting in small groups on hillside, eating outdoors, pairing up for exercises…

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