We are pleased to offer Continuing Education Credit for our workshops, online courses, and the annual Collab Salon Series through Alliant International Continuing Education. Psychologists—and other health care professionals—pay an additional fee per course, workshop or Collab Series to qualify for CE credit. The certificate usually costs an extra $40-$40. You’ll be asked to follow the regulations such as signing in and signing out,  and filling out an evaluation form and quiz at completion. Just be sure to sign up for the Continuing Education option and then follow our instructions. For some of our online courses, we also offer a “Certificate of Completion” for submission to other professional disciplines.

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Alliant International University is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Alliant is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing to provide continuing education for Nurses (provider # CEP11235).

Alliant maintains responsibility for the program and its content.

What about other professions?

CE approved by APA and Nursing are accepted by many professional disciplines such as licensed clinical social workers, clinical mental health counselors, licensed professional clinical counselors, marriage & family therapists and registered nurses.  However, it is the individual’s responsibility to confirm this with his/her licensing board. At the end of the course or workshop,  participants email their name, degree, license number and email address for a certificate of completion.  We offer both a course description and a “Certificate of Completion” for submission to a particular professional discipline.

For questions, suggestions and/or complaints, please contact us.

Steps to Receive a CE Certificate

Registrants can earn Continuing Education Credit for the following online courses, and the annual Collab Salon Series through our co-sponsorship with Alliant International Continuing Education. Just pay the additional charge to earn CEs and follow the protocol for documentation.

For an Online Course

  • Pay the extra fee to earn CE credits (when you first register for the course)
  • Complete the Assessment quiz at the end of the course
  • Obtain a passing score by correctly answering 80% of the questions.
  • Fill out the evaluation form.
  • When everything is completed,  email us at reauthoringcollaboratory@gmail.com to request the certificate. include any preferences (name, degree, license number) and email address.

For a Collab Salon Series

  •  Be sure you have a current Re-Authoring Teaching membership
  • Pay the extra $40 to earn CE credits
  • Attend, Watch and Document the monthly Collab Salon.
  • Fill out the evaluation for each Collab.
  • When everything is completed,  email us at reauthoringcollaboratory@gmail.com. Please document when you attended or watched each month’s Collab, and request the certificate. Include any preferences (name, degree, license number) and email address.