Narrative Therapy, Trauma & The Affective Turn

What are some considerations in integrating other approaches with a foundation in narrative therapy? The affective turn- as described by Gerald Monk and Navid Zamani -as concerned with the connection between the mind, brain, and body, and its connection to the language of feelings, intentions, and choices which is both discursive and non-discursive. The turn to affect pays attention to what is beyond language and the discursive and focuses on what is located within the body. How can Narrative Therapy honor history while bridging with other embodied approaches?

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Many therapists especially the younger generation of narrative therapists are asking for integrative therapeutic resources and practices that engage narrative meaning-making while  building on non-verbal embodied healing experiences. What began here as one of our 12 Hot Topics for the New Decade has now become a new series exploring how Narrative Therapy can honor history while bridging with other embodied approaches.

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Narrative Therapy & The Affective Turn

We are delighted to share several resources examining the contributions of the affective-discursive turn to the evolution of narrative therapy.

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