Taking Stock

As a 501 (c)3 Non-Profit Organization, our collaborative venture shares expertise through training opportunities and online learning resources designed for practice, reflection, replenishment and community building. We seek to embody that spirit of collaboration and community by being such a community, and we invite you to join us in preserving, developing, and extending the legacy of narrative therapy.    The Re-Authoring Teaching Board

Since 2008, Re-Authoring Teaching has grown from a small online study group into a non-profit organization offering a range of narrative training opportunities.We have created Workshops & Narrative Camps​, monthly Collab Salons, six self-paced Online courses  (with several more under construction) a range of customized Consultation Groups, Our YouTube channel  and APA Approved Alliant Continuing Education Credits for online courses, workshops and the Collab Salon.

During the Pandemic we stopped in-person meetings and moved everything online. We featured bringing people together around the world through two projects, Re-Authoring Confinement: Inspirational Moments in Every Day Life​ and Together Enduring  Covid-1: Events & Resources. We also identified a dozen Hot Topics ​guiding our narrative training activities for the next decade.

This pause also gave us time to  review our offerings and to look ahead. How can we continue to grow and sustain Narrative Therapy and each other for years to come? Now, in collaboration with a new generation of narrative practitioners, we’re making some exciting new plans. Please join us as we unveil  Re-Authoring Teaching 2.0!

Re-Authoring Teaching 2.0

We are proud of the active learning community that we are co-creating. Here’s what’s new and happening behind-the-scenes.

Three Online Courses in Active Development

Three self-paced online courses now in active production build on our deep respect for narrative therapy’s philosophical foundations, key concepts and interviewing practices. We also build on the evolution of Narrative Therapy, creating spaces for an interplay with other treasured approaches to working with people experiencing serious difficulties in their lives and relationships.

How to Support Us

As we continue to grow, we need your help to cover our expenses for the ongoing maintenance and further development of our website and offerings, and the next generation of narrative practitioners. We are adding a tiered pricing structure—regular sustaining, subsidized, and patron—to our membership, courses, workshops and consultation groups. Please contact us if you need further help. If you are able, please donate  to our non-profit organization- its tax deductible!

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