Co-Learning Side-by-Side

Our Narrative Camps bring together narrative therapy practitioners and teachers across generations and around the world to explore innovations and themes relevant to everyday practice and toward refreshing the spirit of our work.  Throughout we aim to make the most of our Vermont setting to create unique informal opportunities for learning combined with outdoor rejuvenation in a variety of lake-side contexts. Often, the co-learning goes in all directions, with everyone learning anew. A hearty thank you to all who have participated! Here are some of the “fresh voices’ participants whose presence contributes immeasurably to our learning community.

Preparing the Next Generations

When Michael White died in 2008, it was difficult to envision the future of narrative therapy. We’d like to extend a special heartfelt thank you to David Epston for his enthusiastic and tireless commitment to rigorous narrative inquiry; his inventive collaborations spawn a myriad of new possibilities and a new generation of practitioners.

Others have also stepped forward throughout the world:

  • Narrative trainers teaching workshops in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Australia and…
  • Educators bringing narrative practice to higher education settings;
  • Local mentors supporting practitioners in early career.

Watch our New Generations Youtube Video

Together we are shaping the way forward. AND…the greatest reward?  Watch this video for a glimpse at the future!

Featured New Voices

BANTR Radio Podcasts – Lifting Up Voices

Will Sherwin describes the history of the idea for BANTR Radio Podcasts, and illustrates with a segment of a Michael White radio broadcast in BANTR #9: Collective Audio Bouquet. Filmed at Narrative Educators Camp, Charlotte, Vermont, June 2017.