David Epston: Improvisation, Innovations & Collaborations

David Espton, co-founder of narrative therapy, brings a sense of wonder, adventure and innovation to his conversations and collaborations. What makes a good question? What guides inquiry in narrative therapy? What are some narrative lines of inquiry? Here we give a glimpse at David’s illustrious contributions to Playful Approaches,  Anti-anorexia/Anti-bulimia, Alternative sources of bravery, and Insider Witness Practices.. We include our David Epston Youtube playlist, the Wilbur podcasts by his close associate Kay Ingamells and a range David’s contributions to our Collab Salons (past and upcoming) as well as a preview of the long awaited Where the Buses Don’t Run Yet online series (as of May 2022 in active production). Thank you David! Please help us continue to grow these David Epston-inspired resources by sending us your contributions.

Contemporary Narrative Therapy with David Epston and Friends

Curating Team:  David Epston, Kay Ingamells, Dean Lobovits, Peggy Sax & Larry Zucker

Contemporary Narrative Therapy is an emergent approach distinguishable from Classical Narrative Therapy (1985-2008). In collaboration with Kay Ingamells, David Epston  is currently working on a new series to demonstrate and explore Contemporary Narrative Therapy. Each course explores the online a pedagogy David has engaged with over the last 15 years in traditional live workshop formats with two inter-woven themes: 1) what is a good question and what does such a question do? and 2) what is a good story and how does it ‘counter’ a problematic story?

Offering foundational-level teaching of David’s practice, the courses are built around actual interviews, accompanied by  Kay Ingamells’ reflections and further conversation with David. Studying videos and their transcripts, their commentary offers guidance to pay close attention i(n transcripts ) to specific counter-storying practices in the video. Innovative teaching methods draw from ‘The Apprenticeship in the Artistry of Narrative Practice Program with David Epston, Kay Ingamells and Tom Carlson. For those interested in learning more intensive training situated within their own practice, this series serves as a gateway to The Apprenticeship. Our hope is that these initial courses will continue to develop as a forum for David and Friends, contributing to Contemporary Narrative Therapy with guest training & interviews, and in partnership with The Journal of Narrative Family Therapy. Please check this website and/or sign up for our newsletter for updates and to find out when the first course is ready.


Podcasts with Kay Ingamells

This podcast of Wilbur the Warrior, tells the story of Kay Ingamells’ conversations with Wilbur and his parents, who she enlists as her co-therapists. Wilbur is an eight year old boy overcome by anxiety which has started to manifest as anorexia.  The story illustrates the process of developing a counter-story for a problem story using practices developed Kay’s mentor, David Epston. This story also be can be read, together with the companion article, which describes and explains the practices and ideas used in the sessions at www.yourstory.org.nz

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Biting The Hand That Starves You

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The Journal of Systemic Therapies

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Journal of Narrative Family Therapy

Founding Editor: David Epston
Current Editors: Tom Stone Carlson, David Epston and marcela polanco

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