What do we mean by “Narrative Therapy in Translation? How can different cultures make NT into their own cultural context(s) and local languages?  In David Epston’s words,  This isn’t Adelaide or Auckland! Re-Imagining Narrative Therapy Elsewhere. We welcome more contributions to this page. If you have something to share, please fill out our contribution form here.

David Epston Keynote at Room Full of Stories- Mumbai, October 2016.

Keynote by David Epston at A Room Full of Stories, International Narrative Therapy Conference, Mumbai, India, October 13-18, 2016. Transcript available through http://reauthoringteaching.com/contact/or http://narrativeconference2016.in/)

Translating Narrative Therapy – India

Members of the Ummeed Mental Health Team speak about their experiences translating narrative therapy in India.

Re-Creating Narrative Therapy Elsewhere

Jehanzeb Baldiwala, David Epston, André Grégoire, Sumie Ishikawa and marcela polanco talk together with the help of video conferencing about their experiences re-creating narrative therapy in different contexts. Filmed at Narrative Educators Camp, Charlotte, Vermont, June 2017. (English subtitles available)

A story about my first attempt for fair-trade translation of David Epston in Tokyo

Sumie Ishikawa shares a story about her translation experiences in Japan.

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Re-Creating Narrative Therapy Elsewhere – Spain

Carlos Chimpén describes the beginnings of Narrative Therapy initiatives in Spain.

A Crack in the Sky: Re-Creating Narrative Therapy in South Korea

Sun Hae Lee and Jung Eun Ko describe recreating narrative therapy in South Korea. Filmed at Narrative Educators Camp, Charlotte, Vermont, June 2017.

This isn’t Adelaide or Auckland! Re-Imagining Narrative Therapy Elsewhere – Collab Salon

As guests on the February 2017 Collab Salon, David Epston, Travis Heath and marcela polanco share experiences recreating narrative therapy in cultures that extend beyond the Australian and New Zealand contexts of the original founders (Collab Salon Membership required to watch this video).

Ethical Practice in Russia

Elena Baskina, Marat Khachatryan & Olesia Simonova describe some of the ethics guiding their work as narrative practitioners in Russia.