Over the past decade, many people have written tributes to Michael. Others offer poetry, recorded reflections, letters and art. We’ve included here some favorites. Click on each hyperlinked title to explore more! Add your comments at the space at the bottom of each page.  If you have something to share, please fill out our contribution form here.

Michael White- Published Tributes

Michael White had a profound impact on many lives, and on the development of key concepts of narrative practice. His ideas, practices and presence live on in our lives and work. Here are some favorite tributes to Michael that begin with remembrances by members of the Power to Our Journeys Group. We include two tributes by David Epston, and a number of remembrances from the Dulwich Centre. 

What was it like to be interviewed by Michael?

Michael was a very skillful interviewer. What was it like to be interviewed by Michael? We created this space to collect - and share- recollections. Do you have something to share?  Is there someone who might interview you about this experience? Please fill out our contribution form here.

The Early Years

Some of us were lucky to know Michael in the 1970s-90s. Here are some stories we've collected (so far) by David Epston, Gene Combs, Gerald Monk, Arturo Sanchez and Gaye Stockell.