We begin with Pediatrics, EMDR, Mindfulness Practices and Narrative Psychiatry. What would you like to add?

Narrative Therapy & Pediatrics

An Open Letter to the Indian Academy of Paediatrics

Dr. Bela Doctor, a consultant paediatrician, wrote an open letter to the Indian Academy of Paediatrics to express her hope that Narrative approaches be incorporated into Indian medical curricula. She shares the letter as her final presentation upon graduating from Ummeed Child Development Center’s year-long Mental Health Training Program in Narrative Therapy. Video provided by Ummeed Child Development Center in collaboration with Re-Authoring Teaching. Visit ummeed.org and narrativetherapyindia.com to learn more.

Integrating Narrative Practice, EMDR and somatic-oriented practices

What becomes possible when we engage forms of experience and meaning-making (visual, somatic, and non-linear) outside of verbal language? Lynne Rosen talks with Maggie Carey and SuEllen Hamkins about her work integrating practices informed by EMDR, Mindfulness and Somatic-oriented therapies with a Narrative Therapy Approach.

Narrative Psychiatry

SuEllen Hamkins, MD speaks about her work in integrating Narrative practice and psychiatry.

Mindfulness and Narrative Therapy By Ian Percy

Ian Percy offers ways of conceptualising mindfulness that includes, and diverges from, prevailing discourses and practices. While mindfulness can be thought of as a moment-to-moment non-evaluative or nonjudgmental practice, it is also associated with remembering, imagination and ethics in Buddhist traditions. Various purposes and practices of mindfulness are relevant for therapeutic meetings. In this video, Ian will offer a brief guided method that brings gentle attention to somatic experiences before proposing that mindfulness can assist in sustaining preferred skills and the consolidation of desired values and ethics. These expanded applications of mindfulness can be integrated with storied meaning-making.

Watch Ian Percy – Dulwich Friday Afternoon Video
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