Trishala Kanakia has recently joined us as our Reauthoring Teaching assistant. She is a mental health counsellor trained in narrative ideas and practices from Kolkata, India. We asked Trishala to share what she sees through her fresh eyes as she learns more about Reauthoring Teaching.

Warm greetings from your new Tour Guide. In times when I was hoping to learn something new, I got connected to Peggy. A few days of conversations made possible through WhatsApp and emails started our journey of working together. Peggy’s hope to create a narrative community for new and old practitioners to co-learn and hold space for narrative generations resonated with me immediately. I look forward to embarking on this new journey of learning and possibilities.

One of my hopes as I take on this new role is to make use of my fresh eyes and take you on a tour of the new developments on the Reauthoring Teaching website. I look forward to having you as a co-traveler in this tour. You could participate by bringing in your voice, thoughts, ideas and feedback in the comments section below.”

LogoSquareTrishala Kanakia, Reauthoring Teaching Assistant

New Developments at Reauthoring Teaching:

A tour through fresh eyes