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“I love the idea that people can have more access to the incredible library, which I use a lot!”

Sol Soldurso, San Diego, California

Since 2015, the Collab Salon has been meeting monthly in real time over Zoom with others around the world to engage with a particular topic. At first, we featured well known narrative teachers as our faculty. Over time, we discovered a diversity of emerging voices with fresh ideas, and committed to a co-learning approach. With deepening understandings of intercultural considerations, differences and accountability, we are thrilled to bring together 40 presenters with presentations across narrative generations, around the world.

We record the presentation that is then added to each month’s Collab along with materials for further interest. By now, we’ve accrued over 7 years of excellent presentations all of which can now be easily searched according to Keywords, Presenters name and/or “Hot Topics.” In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone can register for our monthly Collab for free.  However only members can access the Library of Past Salons or earn Alliant CE credit for the yearly series. While we welcome everyone to become a Collab Salon member, we understand not everyone wishes to do so.  Thus we created this easy way to rent a video of choice.  Members can also login to easily access any of these featured videos and their associated webpages.


Members: Login and then click on video of choice. Be sure to try out our search to find a preferred presenter, hot topic or key word. By clicking on the Collab title, you can also access the associated webpage that sometimes includes other resources.

Non-members:  Be sure you have registered (for free) as a user on this website (on  the upper righthand corner of the website). Login, search to find the video of your choice (using our Search or by scrolling through the videos) .  You will need Paypal to proceed (although once in Paypal, you can pay through your credit card).  Rental for each video lasts 48 hours, $10 USD or $8 for the international, student, fixed income rate.

Please contact us with any problems, questions or reflections. We are excited to test pilot this new feature together.

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