Michael gave many workshops around the world.  We begin this archive with a couple of Past Salons for Collab Members. Please fill out our contribution form here if you have contributions from Michael’s workshops. Remember to leave out transcripts of interviews and anything traceable to a specific clinical illustration.

Re-cuperating Michael White

December 2015 Collab Salon with Linda Moxley and Sarah Hughes
Our December 2015 Collab Salon discussion traced some of Michael White’s contributions to our thinking through the gift of reviewing very rich workshop notes from 1991-2007 by Linda Moxley and Sarah Hughes. Linda Moxley graciously shared her meticulous notes from two of Michael White’s workshops (1991; 2007), and then aided us in rescuing the said from the saying; together we evoked Michael’s intentions, paying particular attention to themes, shifts in language and zig-zagging. Michael talked about conversations zigging back and forth in a number of ways: between action and identity questions; between remote past, possible future and present; between what is known and familiar and what is possible to know; between problem stories and stories that fit with intentions. Philosophy brought richness to Michael’s ideas. We also applied the zigzagging metaphor around Michael’s love of building on ideas from others and weaving these into his thinking and practices across time. Honoring Michael’s legacy means not limiting our thinking, searching for many possibilities, and remembering “No correct route.”
December 2015 Salon for Collab members

Re-imagining Narrative Therapy: A history for the future

January 2016 Collab Salon with Linda Moxley & Sarah Hughes

In December, 2015, Linda Moxley opened a conversation about Recuperating Michael White and recuriositizing narrative therapy. Having graciously shared her meticulous  notes from two of Michael White’s workshops (1991; 2007), Linda notes movingly evoked Michael’s voice,  rescued the said from the saying, and captured some of his intentions and innovative thinking. She guided us to particularly pay attention to themes, shifts in language and zig-zagging. Now, our January Collab Salon continued this conversation with a focus on bringing Michael’s inspiration forward into the future.

As featured presenters, Sarah Hughes and Linda Moxley began the conversation by sharing some of their own thoughts as to where Michael might have gone if he had the chance.  Others then joined in to share their ideas about where narrative therapy might go now with a particular intrigue regarding narrative and the performative turn.

January 2016 Salon for Collab members
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