A new generation of Narrative Practitioners is emerging! Here we’d like to share a few of the fresh voices that are inspiring us. Please send us more! We’d love for you to nominate folks you’d like for us to add. Who inspires you – in the spirit, practices and ethics of Michael White? This can be a person or a team of people.  Do you have something – such as a recording or unpublished writing-  to send us to give a glimpse as to why? Remember we need to be careful about copyright and permission. If you don’t already have something, maybe you can record an interview?

Next Generations

Reflections by a new generation of Narrative Therapists. Shelburne, Vermont, June 2017.

Francophone Narrative Community / La Communauté Narrative Francophone

Charlotte Crettenand, Psychotherapist and seeker of wonderfulnesses, speaks about French-speaking Narrative community, from the level of her private practice in the small Swiss town of Sion to the global Narrative community

Charlotte Crettenand, Psychologue spécialiste en psychothérapie FSP et chercheuse de merveillosités, parle de la communauté narrative Francophone en partant de son cabinet privé à Sion, une petite ville de Suisse, pour nous emmener jusqu’à la vaste communauté narrative internationale.

(French with English subtitles)

 Why Narrative Practice? From Russia with love

Marat Khachatryan, Olesia Simonova, Elena Baskina, and Pavel Kudelin and respond to the question “Why Narrative Therapy” from their particular context in Russia with Elena Baskina translating for her colleagues.

BANTR Radio Podcasts: Lifting Up Voices

Will Sherwin describes the history of the idea for BANTR Radio Podcasts, and illustrates with a segment of a Michael White radio broadcast in BANTR #9: Collective Audio Bouquet. Filmed at Narrative Educators Camp, Charlotte, Vermont, June 2017.

Self Definition & Diverse Communities

Danielle Drake describes how her work with diverse communities is informed by her cultural position as well as a narrative therapist.

Narrative Therapy India

The Ummeed Mental Health Team describes some of their experiences as they apply Narrative Therapy to their work in India with children with disabilities and their families.
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