One of Michael’s clear intentions was to further the links and connections with the many existing centers of Narrative practice.  He had envisioned such a network being a support between centres for the work that was already being done, as well as being inspiration for the further development of narrative practice. In the past decade,  a range of centers have become linked with each other and with other teachers of narrative practice. Please join us by contributing news of  your center, consultation group and/or other narrative training program. Together we wish to support each other’s ongoing work to put narrative ideas into practice.

Creative Collaborations

Californian Narrative Practitioners

The future of narrative therapy rests on our shoulders! Together we are creating unique partnerships to collaborate in all kinds of wonderful ways. Please help us grow this glimpse at the kind of collaborations that are happening throughout the world.

Reauthoring Teaching

LogoSquareWe simply could not have developed the Reauthoring Teaching website, The Collab Salon, Online Courses, Faculty OfferingsWorkshops, Higher Education, YouTube Channel and other Resources without the help of our partners. Simply put, “It takes a village to create a learning community.” Together we are co-creating working relationships based on Re-authoring Teaching’s guiding principles. We continue to generate collaborative training ventures with existing and new partners—a whole world of possibilities is emerging, and each partnership is unique. Reach out to us with your ideas!

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Meet Our Partners: From the very beginning, Narrative Practices Adelaide has supported our efforts, and embraced online learning as a component of their Certificate Programme (see here).  Along the way, The Taos Institute provided mini-grants to build bridges between social constructionist approaches and narrative therapy, and to support course development.  Narrative Approaches has made many online resources available, and shares our commitment to honor the legacy of David Epston. Other partnerships soon began, as we embarked together on creating online courses, Collab Salons and Higher Education materials. Re-creating Narrative Therapy—our commitment to finding creative ways to support our international peers in translating into their languages and grounding their practice of narrative in local cultural heritage—brings forth many rich conversations and cross-pollination. We welcome new partnerships with people around the world!

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Meet our Partners

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