Refreshing The Spirit Of The Work!

Who needs some good news? We sincerely hope these Re-authoring Teaching offerings will offer a ray of hope and possibility for 2017. Early Bird registration is now open for three workshop days in June!  Narrative Camp 2017 details are now ready. We’ve also added two new sections to our website: Curated ResourcesFaculty Offerings.


Vermont Workshops, June 2017

Narrative Camp!

In preparation for welcoming visitors from all over the world, we’ve secured a number of  Lake Champlain cottage rentals in walking distance to each other.  These week long rentals (June 11-18) will book up quickly. Please Contact Us  as soon as possible if you wish to reserve a room and/or an entire cottage. We do our best to keep costs low. Expenses for cottage rentals, food and communal meals are split, and tend to run from $50-$100 USD per night. Often people will share a room if money is tight.

Vermont is beautiful is June. We are a small, rural state.  The workshops and Camp take place about 1/2 hour drive from Burlington International Airport. Some people prefer to fly into Montreal, New York or Bost0n airports, and then take train or bus to Burlington/Essex Junction. Otherwise, we have limited public transportation. It’s easy to rent a car, or to get rides from locals. Here in Vermont, we do our best to live by our steadfast values of community-minded, neighborly ways and hospitality.  Please Contact Us  for further information about accommodation and transportation.