I live in a small, hippy town nestled in the mountains of British Columbia. We are on the edge of a river that opens up into a large lake that is wonderful for swimming although many people find it cold even in summer. I love swimming!  Mountains and water are very special to me. I need to get outside and have an adventure in order to feel settled into a good sense of my preferred self.

Nelson-BCSnow in the winter

Here is a view of our lovely mountains taken while on a back country ski excursion.  We have great skiing just ten minutes out of town.  In winter, I try to ski every weekend.


Bannock Point

This is a lake about an hour from us where we like to go canoeing, swimming and cliff jumping.  Well, I am more of a swimmer not jumper! But my kids like the giant leaps.  Summer means long swims to me.

DSC02478Rock Climbing

The other outdoor adventure that I love although I find terrifying is rock climbing. My partner has a passion for it and is very talented.  I am not so talented but love being out in the mountains and finding routes. When I have a moment where I can move through my paralyzing fear, it sure feels wonderful.