This section will help you find inspiration, information and resources for your teaching, training and supervision needs.

Caspersen Training Center

Caspersen Training Center provides a narrative therapy framework for therapists and others in caregiving professions to help their clients explore their life and values. Through workshops, their certificate program and advanced practice groups, practitioners learn to engage and empower individuals to take charge of their personal journeys. Their workshops are offered on-site and via their online, interactive global classroom. Check them out at:

Kenwood Center video workshops

Kenwood Center Video Workshops on Demand is the first attempt to make Kenwood Center workshops available worldwide. To order videos visit:

Narrative therapy: Articles on an evidence-based practice

Have a look at this section of the Dulwich Centre website which is dedicated to providing information about the evidence-base for narrative practices:

Narrative Approaches – Academic Archive

The Narrative Approaches website houses a growing archive of academic articles, journal papers, dissertations, and scholarship on narrative therapy.  Have a look at The Academic Archive at:

Taos Institute Manuscripts & Papers

The Taos Institute is a rich resource for scholarly articles and publications on social constructionist theory and practice. Check this page out for a list of manuscripts/papers available for you to download: And here’s a page dedicated to dissertations/theses based upon social constructionist ideas:

Change as creating

The Taos Institute website posted this very interesting short video:

Family Process- virtual issues on narrative therapy

July 14, 2014 Hey, here is something really exciting. Vicki Dickerson put together two virtual issues on narrative therapy from Family Process. They are now available on the Wiley Online site. The link is here. They are downloadable for free for at least the next 30 days. Please distribute to whomever you think might benefit from this. They are jewels!

‘Narragrams: Visualizing Narrative Therapy’

by Walter Bera Recommended by Peggy Sax. The description on Amazon reads: “This work provides a template of how to conduct and implement Narrative ideas in an organized, visual fashion that is beneficial for both client and counselor. The publication now includes a laminated pull out for ease of use.” Click here to order through Amazon. Reviewed by Italo Latorre Gentoso: I read it, and I like it. Is a proposal to use narrative conversation and Read More

‘Re-authoring Teaching: Creating a Collaboratory’ by Peggy Sax

“The online medium has opened up vast new possibilities for sharing and learning that could be adapted by nearly any teacher, in almost any topic, but seem to be particularly suited for teaching narrative and other post-modern therapies.  In fact, when I introduced the online aspect to my teaching, the interactive website became “the tail that wagged the dog.”  Rather than just being an interesting and somewhat useful adjunct, it has opened up entire new Read More

Dilbert’s “the fact”

Dilbert is an American comic strip known for its satirical office humor about a white-collar, micromanaged office. Watch this wonderful clip, The Fact.