“The online medium has opened up vast new possibilities for sharing and learning that could be adapted by nearly any teacher, in almost any topic, but seem to be particularly suited for teaching narrative and other post-modern therapies.  In fact, when I introduced the online aspect to my teaching, the interactive website became “the tail that wagged the dog.”  Rather than just being an interesting and somewhat useful adjunct, it has opened up entire new vistas of possibilities regarding interconnections, learning communities, bringing in multiple voices in addition to the teacher and student, and bridging the gap between teacher and students.”

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Reflections on the book

I found myself falling in love with the people in this book. I was reminded of the mediaeval “scholares vagantes” (wandering scholars), with Peggy like a modern day tour guide whose itinerary was to have us travel from place to place, teacher to teacher, seeking wisdoms.
– David Epston, MSW, Co-founder, Narrative Therapy; from the Foreword

This is a breakthrough book. It offers teachers and students in human service work a way to transcend classroom walls (and mindsets) by adding the fifth dimension of the Internet. Any teacher or student of relationship therapy will be inspired by the many examples of ‘learning on a cloud’ that Sax puts into her (cyber) spacecraft of a delicious, lively book.
– Lynn Hoffman
, LICSW, Author, Exchanging Voices: A Collaborative Approach to Family TherapyFamily Therapy: An Intimate Journey

Without being taught in any didactic or pedantic way, you cannot help but find yourself responding, reflecting and learning. In her hands, teaching and learning merge and learners become authorities on their own learning experience. Peggy Sax provides a model to aspire to of how online learning platforms can be used to enrich learning. I know of no better account of how to teach and to learn therapeutic practice in the era of online learning.
– John Winslade, PHD, Coordinator of Educational Counseling Program, Dept. of Educational Psychology & Counseling, California State University, San Bernardino; author of Narrative Counseling in Schools: Powerful & Brief

You can read more brief reflections on the book, Reauthoring Teaching: Creating a Collaboratory here in English and in Spanish.

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