I choose 5 pictures. The first is the location of Rio de Janeiro in Brasil on the globe.

Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Barra da Tijuca

This one is a beautiful view of Rio de Janeiro in springtime. As you can see, Rio is a city located between the sea and the mountains. This means that too many people want to live in narrow strips of land. So it became a culture to live in buildings and apartments rather than in houses. I live in an apartment in a section of the city called Barra da Tijuca. It evokes my desire to climb the Gávea stone, which is the stone more at the left of the photo.
rio lindo

Vista Varanda
One can see the view of my window looking to the right

vista varandaOne can see the view of my window looking to the left – it is the swimming pool of the condominium where I have my apartment.

janela 2

You can see me here on one beautiful full moon night. It is very nice place to live. I don´t have a fancy apartment. Not even it has a charming decoration in a magazine´s perspective but it is cozy and friendly I am sure.