First day light of 2014

This is the picture of the day light of the first day of January, 2014, in the middle of the Sungsoo Bridge going to Gangnam. It’s the winter. I have the hope to live extraordinary and ordinary life with sunshine. It is the same place I have been before but I felt differently.

Mandala of shoes
This is the entrance of our house in summertime. My second son reorganized the shoes for me. But he escaped from the routine way to organize. It looks like Mandala, self of shoes. I thought that living creative is the escape of the routine, habits and prejudice.

Metaphor of Narrative
This is a drawer of desk. My first son reorganized his room right after he returned to the room from his aunt. Well, when I saw what I chose for the photos, I realized “reorganization and restart” is a real big issue for me. This drawer means like “metaphor of narrative practice”, narrative practice is the work of reorganization of our memories and stories.


Jiwon Choi