March 6, 2014: Danielle Spletter 

My experience of Narrative therapy thus far is that it is about- tapping into our lives as how they should be seen, multistoried! not summed up by a problem saturated dominate story. Narrative therapy is about the skillful use of language and enquiry questions being posed to clients by the therapist to make alternative stories more visible. The use of language needs to be meaningful to the person in their context.

I am looking forward to popping on my investigative/detective hat as opposed to a burdensome expert centred position that is not all that helpful.

March 24, 2014

Sarah Hughes

Sarah Hughes

Hello Danielle,
I think you did a very nice sum up of narrative ideas right there in so few words. I am curious as to whether you have tried popping that hat on? And how did it feel? Was it a good fit?

I know it is a good fit for me. Although that other, burdensome one, does show up at times and try to lure me over to its position. For me,, it is a body feeling, like being uncomfortable, something not fitting quite right kind of feeling, that makes me notice I have slipped away from where I want to be. Then I am able to get more curious again.

How do you – or anyone – notice when you have moved more toward the expert position?