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Course Description

Intro to Rich Story Development

An Introduction to Rich Story Development with Maggie Carey offers a clear, concise and down-to-earth journey into topics about story development including the narrative metaphor, landscapes of stories, double listening, loitering with intent, mapping meaning and action, personal agency, listening for resonance, making links, and neurobiology. This course captures some of Maggie’s best teaching moments from her June, 2014 workshop in Shelburne, Vermont, Catching up with Narrative therapy: The Art of Going Slowly with Intent Registration gives six months of access to course materials, three live Webinars and a course-specific Conversation Forum. Registrants can sign up for 12 Continuing Education Credits.

We are thrilled to welcome Maggie Carey, a member of Narrative Practices Adelaide- the center Michael started in 2008, just a few months before his untimely death. In this course, Maggie presents ideas and practices that she has gathered as a close associate of Michael White – his writings, his ideas, his work. She respectfully extends Michael’s metaphors of story, maps and landscape to create an overall map, offering clear pathways to rich story development.

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Here Maggie Carey briefly introduces her course:

Course Description: Check out the Six Lessons!

An Introduction to Rich Story Development with Maggie Carey follows six lessons: 1) A quick outline; 2) An overall map; 3) The conceptual landscape of meaning; 4) The doing and experiencing; 5) Neurobiology and story development; 6) Putting ideas into practice.

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