Peggy-Sax 2Peggy Sax: February 17, 2013

“I need a witness” comes from a saying with my friend, Chris Behan. We would use this saying when a story yearns to be told – an accomplishment, a tender moment. a transition. This can be what Michael White would call “a sparkling moment.” Now that we can readily include photos, you can share art work or pictures. We can also use this space for sharing dilemmas. Or simply to think something through “aloud.”

Please do keep in mind though – this space is for witnessing rather than for clinical supervision. Remember too that if you tell a story about someone else, be sure to have permission and/or disguise the identity. This world is getting smaller and smaller…

In the past few years, I’ve been awed by what can emerge out of these exchanges. Just start your own topic so others can respond.

Who would like to get us started?