Hello from Canada! I am Don McGillivray from Edmonton, Alberta, I work as a Behaviour Consultant for Pembina Hills Regional School District # 7, Barrhead, AB, a rural school district in which I provide services to 15 rural schools. I also have a private practice called Stories In Motion Inc., which you may want to check out at here. The 7 pictures I am sharing with all of you have themes of water, space, curiosity, cultural understandings, journeying, and family.
This Lake Huron beach picture takes me to a place as a young boy who just could not stay away from the water so clear, sandy, and inviting!
Beach -Lake Huron
Montreal evokes my first memories of living in a multi-cultural way. The beginning of influences toward understanding other persons ways!
Kugaaruk, Nunavut living and teaching amongst a group of Inuit who were still living on the land in sod houses and igloos until 1968. This isolated community of 250 Inuit whose knowledge of english was almost non-existent welcomed me without questions. When I landed in Kugaaruk in 1980  television had not arrived.
Kugaaruk Nunavut
Little of the outside world was known by my students. How patient they were of my ways of learning and thinking! How much I learned from my students in their ways of living life in an area of the world few get to journey too! My students – 25 beaming faces only 4 understood me when I spoke. I wonder to this day how we communicated. Lots of smiling ART projects!!!
Children of Kugaaruk Nunavut
Many kilometers of Arctic travel with Inuit elders on my ski-doo with my sled carrying all my survival gear including lots of gasoline.The Inuit elders that taught the concept of “BEING” thank you for your unimaginable patience!
The Journey continues today with a curiousity, interest, and a wise “mature” youthfulness that fuels the passion to join with others in useful services!
The Journey
Finally, surrounded by my family whose energy, warmth and smiles makes life so enjoyable!
My family support group