Narrative practice is a term that is replacing ‘narrative therapy’. Many practitioners work in public sector settings such as early child care and education, social services, community mental health where “therapy” does not adequately describe their roles. Applications of narrative practices in community circumstances also demonstrate the limitations of speaking about “therapy.”

What is Narrative Practice? (Video)

Maggie Carey is a founding member of the Narrative Practices Adelaide teaching faculty. She has been involved in the practice of narrative therapy since the early 90’s and in the teaching of it for the past 10 years. Maggie’s therapeutic practice has seen her working alongside young people at risk, with women and children who live with the effects of violence and abuse, and with people having experienced trauma, particularly as refugees. You can read more about Maggie by clicking here.

In this two minute video, Maggie Carey tells us what narrative practice means to her.

 Narrative Organizational Practices/Narrative Coaching

Narrative Organizational Practices (NOP) are an excellent illustration of narrative practices beyond the therapy room. Here are several resources:

  1. Re-authoring the World: The Narrative Lens and Practices for Organisations, Communities and Individuals.
  2. Le Blog de la Fabrique
  3. Narrative coaching in a professional community after a suicide by Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun
  4. Pratiques Narratives (In French & English)
  5. Médiat-Coaching (french)
  6. Frances Hancock and David Epston have written several articles applying narrative enquiry to organizational studies: