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Four Courses Under Construction in Two Series!

August, 2022 Update! 

 Behind the scenes, we are actively developing  two new online series for practitioners highlighting specific narrative interviewing skills.  Narrative Therapy, Trauma & the Affective Turn builds on our deep respect for the evolution of Narrative Therapy  while creating spaces for an interplay with other treasured approaches to working with people experiencing serious difficulties in their lives and relationships. Where the Buses Don’t Run Yet is a new series of courses in active construction  focusing on Contemporary Narrative Therapy with David Epston and Kay Ingamells.  Each of these online series has two course in active development. Read below to learn more.

 Narrative Therapy, Trauma and the Affective Turn

First Two Courses In Active Development

Badge_RichStory-IntroNarrative practices have evolved in many ways over the decades in response to changing professional, social and cultural contexts. The founders of the Narrative Therapy approach, the late Michael White and David Epston, gave voice to the hope and intention that we would continue to try out different modes of inquiry, come up with new practices, and integrate these cherished ways of being with people that fit with our own local experiences and socio-political contexts. Many therapists are asking for integrative therapeutic resources and practices that engage narrative meaning-making and ethics while building on non-verbal embodied healing experiences. Please join Lynne Rosen (Pasadena, California), Maggie Carey (Adelaide S. Australia), SuEllen Hamkins, (Northampton, Massachusetts)  Laure Maurin (Bordeaux France) David Pare (Ottawa Canada), Ian Percy (Perth Australia), Navid Zamani (San Diego California) as they honor their narrative roots while bringing forward specific therapeutic practices that engage narrative meaning-making while cultivating healing embodied experiences.

This series draw from philosophy and practices associated with The Affective Turn, bringing together understandings of rich story development, trauma and its effects, memory theory, attunement practices and applications of mindfulness, EMDR and somatic therapies. Working titles for the first two courses are:

  1. Narrative Therapy, Trauma & The Affective Turn: Creating Space for Emerging Approaches
  2. Em-BODY-ing Conversation: Bridging Narrative Practice with EMDR & Other Somatic Therapeutic Approaches


Where the Buses Don’t Run Yet Series: Contemporary Narrative Therapy

First Two Courses in Active Development

Badge_Buses-BuildingThe upcoming  Where the Buses Don’t Run Yet online series will articulate and demonstrate David’s approach to narrative inquiry, which he has been developing with colleagues over the past 15 years. Our hope is that these initial courses will continue to develop as a forum for David and Friends, contributing to Contemporary Narrative Therapy with guest training & interviews, and in partnership with and The Journal of Contemporary Narrative Therapy. For more information, click here.

Working titles for the first two courses in this series are:

  1. Contemporary Narrative Therapy
  2. Two Interviews with David Epston: Joel and Riri

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