Maggie Carey’s two training events in June, 2014 left an indelible mark on Vermont. What comes next? We are in the process of planning a Narrative training series at Treleven Farm. As we firm up plans for our upcoming workshops, we will post them here:

The art of narrative psychiatry

suEllen HamkinsSuEllen Hamkins, MD,  is planning a workshop at Treleven Farm (Vergennes, Vermont) in June 2015 (date to be announced soon)! Drawing from her knowledge and experience as a narrative psychiatrist, the workshop will focus on Sustaining hope, creativity and emotional attunement when working with people facing severe and persistent problems. In preparation, please read SuEllen’s excellent, highly readable book: The Art of Narrative Psychiatry. While psychiatrists are  heartily welcome, many other practitioners are also the intended audience for the book and the workshop.

This is a workshop where you can bring your hardest questions about the work that you find most challenging and get help with providing long-term treatment of long-term problems.  Over these two days, SuEllen Hamkins will guide a small group of participants in reflecting on and getting support to freshly engage in their work with people facing tenacious problems, such as long-term psychiatric symptoms. She will provide some examples of her work, interview several participants about their work using a reflecting team, and guide participants in interviewing one another to foster hope and open up new possibilities for challenging therapeutic situations.

Additionally, SuEllen will be offering a two day workshop in Northampton, Massachusetts, The Art of Narrative Psychiatry:  Bringing narrative approaches to psychiatric problems and contexts. In this two-day workshop, SuEllen Hamkins will guide us in bringing healing narrative practices to the real-world settings in which we work as psychotherapists and psychiatric providers.  We will explore how we might we more fully bring forward the values and practices of narrative therapy when working with problems that may include unwelcome voices, ongoing psychosis, profound depression, suicidal urges, self-injury or severe emotional dysregulation.

Working with Couples – Larry Zucker



We will soon announce the date – and further description – of a workshop on narrative approaches to working with couples in June, 2015. In the meantime, check out Larry’s online course, Escaping blame: Helping couples develop account-ability, which is the next online courses in our Narrative in Action series.

Maggie Carey- June, 2016

maggie carey C

Maggie Carey is coming back to Vermont in June, 2016. We are tentatively scheduling June 14-16.  In this three-day workshop, Maggie will work with a small group of narrative practitioners to collaborate around practice while participating in a series of narrative interviews. Together, we will explore key narrative principles in action and practice specific skills to contribute to rich story development in our everyday work.

Watch this site for further information on these future workshops – and more!