Alison Newton, a psychologist (Adelaide, Australia), works in a narrative approach with women who have been subjected to abuse by their partners. She was the first family therapist in Australia to document and present a therapeutic approach to dealing with domestic violence. Alison developed her collaborative approach while working in a community health setting in an area considered disadvantaged.

Alison is experienced in providing therapy to women and men who have been violent to their partners. For more than 20 years, she has run a therapy support group and WOWSafe, an award winning social action group for women who have survived abuse within their families. In 1994, Alison established and became a co-director of The Nada Consulting and Training Centre, a therapy centre, with her colleagues Alan Jenkins, Rob Hall, Maxine Joy, and Penny Roughan. She continues to coordinate the social action group and consult with people marginalised by society. Alison co-presented with Rob Hall the 2012 workshop in Vermont, Responding to Abuse Within Families and Building Ethical Resistance.