The name Re-authoring Teaching is a twist on “reauthoring conversations,” otherwise associated with narrative therapy. We are a global learning community of narrative therapy practitioners, teachers and enthusiasts from around the world.  We began in 2008 shortly after the untimely passing of Michael White, the co-founder of narrative therapy, with the vision of creating opportunities for members of the community to continue learning from and sharing knowledge with each other. What began as an online study group (The Narrative Practice & Collaborative Inquiry Study Group) has evolved into a blend of online and in-person offerings. We hope you will join us!

Re-Authoring Teaching is the narrative therapy site that best reflects the heart and spirit of narrative practice. David Epston and Michael White, narrative therapy’s originators, embraced a philosophy of sharing their ideas and practice generously. Their intention has always been informed by the joy of seeing the ideas working out there in the world. Reauthoring Teaching sits within this tradition. A spirit of collaboration, inventiveness, and the generous sharing of narrative ideas and practice is what it is all about. Working alongside Peggy and all the other contributors to the site has been such a delight for me.

All about us:

Online and in-person offerings:

An Interactive Approach

Maggie Carey (Narrative Practices Adelaide) describes our interactive approach that brings together online learning and Vermont workshops.


We would also like to thank all of our colleagues and friends who helped build this learning community:


Michael White & David Epston: Co-founders of Narrative Therapy

Members of The Collab (formerly known as “The Narrative Practice & Collaborative Inquiry Study Group) who helped create an “island of belonging;”

Participants in Refreshing the Spirit of the Work gatherings in Vermont. Together we discover new possibilities for trainings that bring together rigorous training, beautiful settings and good company.

Computer consultants  Tom Nickel, Martin Howells,  Sarah Webster and Caitlyn Cook who put many hours into earlier drafts. All the technicians along the way who help us maintain and expand our services.

Our Founding Board and current Board whose commitment and support have helped establish us as a non-profit organization guided by a shared vision toward preparing – and learning from – future generations of narrative practitioners.

Many colleagues and friends who have offered their steadfast support and ongoing help in developing these narrative resources:  Sarah Brodsky, Maggie Carey, Rob Hall,  Lisa Johnson, David Epston, SuEllen Hamkins, Kay Ingamells, Charley Lang, Shona Russell, Akansha Vaswani, Larry Zucker, — and all the additional narrative teachers collaborating on the development of our three online series.

Charlotte Crettenand (French), Martha Lopez-Hill, Ítalo Latorre Gentoso, Carolina Letelier Astorga and marcela polenco (Spanish),  Heidrun Schulze and Madeleine Kamper (German) and Regina Jardim (Portuguese) – who not only help us with translation projects, but keep us aligned with our global commitments.

Eric Melendez, Co-Director of Continuing Education at Alliant International University for ensuring continuing education credit for our courses and workshops.

Finally we extend a heartfelt special appreciation to Sarah Lenz at SMart Loft Studio, our talented graphic designer.

Together we are not only creating a collaboratory, but making a dream come true!

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