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collab bridgeWhat is the Collab?

We are practitioners, teachers, and students who wish to pursue our studies of narrative practice and collaborative inquiry, to reflect on developments in our work and to embark on shared projects.

A Global Learning Community

Our dream is to create a collaboratory where members from across geographic distance can find each other to build a global learning community that transcends geography, professional status, and other differences.

The Collab Salon

The Collab Salon

The Collab Salon

Our monthly webinar brings together online faculty and Collab members from around the world to meet informally in real time around a particular theme. Each month, we gather for about an hour on the third Sunday of the month @ 5:00pm New York time (check the world clock for your local time zone). Read here for more information. Members can also access our “Members Only” section to review archived materials from previous meetings, and to sign up each month.

The Conversation Forum

Since 2008, our Conversation Forum offers a range of topics of shared interest in a narrative approach to therapy, organizational, and community work.  Our forums include topics  such as addiction and substance misuse, narrative therapy with children and their families, narrative psychiatry and mental health, narrative organizational practices, teaching and supervision- and so much more!

Three reasons you should join us:

  1. The Collab is a place where members can find others with common interests and commitments. We share discoveries, inquire into new learnings and seek to make connections with people doing similar work in other parts of the world.
  2. We are here to enhance daily living, not to add pressure. Members fold this commitment into active lives with the freedom to participate to the extent possible.
  3. Our $100 annual membership fee includes participation in live webinars through The Collab Salon.