composed of a combination of diverse elements.

We cherish the history ethicsNarrative practices have been evolving in many ways over the decades in response to changing professional, social and cultural contexts. In addition, Ground-breaking ideas and creative therapeutic methods  have inspired generations of therapists. In this spirit, we wish to carefully turn towards other contemporary modes of working and create dialogic spaces where practitioners may openly consider the interface between them and well-established narrative practices.

Narrative Camp 2017

With this intention, Narrative Camp 2017 will consider multiple ways in which narrative practices can be integrated with somatic-oriented therapies. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on what might become possible when the somatic and the linguistic shape therapeutic endeavours? They will be invited to consider how close attention to people’s somatic worlds of experience may enrich their meaning-making resources, influence their cultural and social contexts, and contribute to an expanded ethic of relationality. Might it be that opening spaces for these explorations will contribute to a fuller appreciation of the human dimensions of experience and enhance therapeutic repertoires?


The Narrative Camp will welcome critique and an openness to considering these practices that highlight the interplay between somatic experiences and the storylines of our lives, while resisting any impulse to arrive at settled conclusions.