The Collab Salon

We’ve heard such enthusiasm for the the webinar feature in our online courses, we decided to make real-time “meetings on a cloud” a central feature for The Collab. Beginning in January, 2015, all Collab members are welcome to sign up for our monthly webinar that brings together online faculty and Collab members from around the world to meet together informally in real time. Each month we will focus on a different theme – sort of like little starter doughs, enticements for further conversation on the Conversation Lounge, attending future online course, webinars and workshops.

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If you are a Collab Member, you can sign up for the next Collab Salon here!


Charley Lang

Charley Lang

Peggy Sax,  Executive Director

Peggy Sax

Peggy Sax and Charley Lang will facilitate the Collab Salon meetings. Sometimes we will feature our Narrative Online Faculty and at other times, we’ll come together as equals around a particular shared interest area. We meet once a month for about an hour (sometimes a bit longer, but not more than 1 1/2 hours).


Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 6.59.05 PMIt’s easy! Having tested a number of options, we chose Zoom –  a cloud meeting company – as having the best video, audio and screen-sharing quality across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or telephone. For instructions for getting started, simply click here and/or read about Zoom on our FAQ page here. Events are recorded, and then become available on-demand afterwards to all Collab members including anyone not able to join in real time. If you wish, you can also continue to discuss a topic on the Conversation Forum.

This little video shows how our Zoom-based webinars work:

When do we meet?

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 2.34.39 PMAs a world-wide community, it is virtually impossible to find a time that works for everyone.  To start, we are scheduling a regular meeting on the third Sunday/Monday of the month @ 5pm Sunday NYC time (2 PM L.A. time; 8:00 pm in Rio de Janeiro, 10:00 pm in London, 11pm Sunday in Rome; on Monday, the time is @ 3:30 am in Mumbai (sorry!), 6 am in Hong Kong, 8:30 am in Adelaide, 9:00 am in Melbourne, and 11:30 am in Auckland, New Zealand.  Please consult our world clock here to see what time this would be in your time zone. Let us know if you wish us to schedule an additional – less frequent- meeting that better accommodates your time zone.

Who Will Join Us?

maggie-careyDavid Epston CsuEllen HamkinsKay Ingamells Clarry

marcela polanco

marcela polanco

David Marsten

David Marsten

laurie photo

Laurie Markham

Our exciting line-up of online faculty for the Collab Salon 2015 keeps growing! So far, we have commitments from  Maggie Carey, David Epston, SuEllen Hamkins, Kay Ingamells, Larry Zucker, David Marsten and Laurie Markham! We are currently organizing the schedule, with the following first four sessions (listed in NYC time):

  • Sunday, January 18, 2015 @ 5:00 pm@ 5:00 pm in NYC : An introduction to each other, Zoom, and Re-authoring Teaching features.
  • Sunday, February 15, 2015@ 5:00 pm@ 5:00 pm in NYC: Larry Zucker: Escaping Blame: Helping Couples Develop Account-Ability
  • Sunday, March 15, 2015@ 5:00 pm@ 5:00 pm in NYC: SuEllen Hamkins: Sustaining hope, creativity and emotional attunement when working with people facing severe and persistent problems
  • Sunday, April 19, 2015 @ 5:00 pm NYC: Maggie Carey: Current Reflections on Rich Story Development.

Dates to be announced on this website for future Collab Salons include the following topics:

  • David Epston on: 1) Insider witnessing practices; 2) Applications in an enhanced classroom; 3) listening for stories.
  • Kay Ingamells on: Why I became a narrative therapist.

How Do I Sign Up?

collab globe text small banner dark squareIt only costs $100 USD annually to join -or renew membership- to the Collab. New members register here. Current members, please check here to see if your registration is up-to-date (and then renew). Whether you are new or renewed, please go to The Conversation Forum to reserve your space for The Collab Salon webinars. So far, we have room for 25 people for each webinar, so sign up early!

Sign Up For Collab Members

If you are a Collab Member, come join us for the next Collab Salon! Sign up here!