As you read through the abundance of materials in the first section, “What is narrative therapy?”, can you help us ground the concepts here in your every day practice?

– Is there a story that come to mind from your own work context that can help make these ideas come alive?
– Can you briefly describe your work context?
– How have you understood a key narrative concept in this particular context?
– When did you realize you were capable enough to move forward and implement a particular concept?
– Who were the key persons that participated?
– What were some of the main obstacles that you had to overcome?
– Can you think of any particular future possibilities when you envision applying this concept again in your work?
What else would you like to tell us?

(A special thank you to Stéphane Kovacs for reminding us of Paulo Freire’s principles in his “Test Pilot report:”

Principle 1: “Nobody is empty of the knowledge contained in this web site; therefore everybody is invited to tell the knowledge he already have and/or the knowledge this material helped to remind.

Principle 2: Knowledge is not sluggish material located outside students. It is the result of relationships between people, therefore it is binded to stories, values, hopes, and so on.