David Marsten first stumbled upon Narrative Therapy in 1991 while training in Brief Therapy at MRI in Palo Alto, CA. Over a period of months he became intrigued by Narrative and has since made it his bookish and imaginative home. He developed a Narrative training program at Jewish Family Service of Santa Monica in 1992, and in 1998 moved on to establish a non-profit training and counseling center, Miracle Mile Community Practice, with the aim of furthering Narrative ideas in the Los Angeles area. He has taught for many years and presented internationally on topics ranging from internalized patriarchy to couples, and young people and families. He has co-authored several articles and is currently nearing the completion of a book, Through the Looking Glass: Narrative Therapy in Wonderland, with David Epston and Laurie Markham. David and Laurie have been featured guests on The Collab Salon on Imagining new possibilities with young people and their families.  In our Narrative in Action Series, David is developing the online course, Narrative therapy with young people and families: Partnering with virtuous and imaginative partners.