March 20, 2016 –  Bridging Narrative Therapy and Psychiatry:  SuEllen Hamkins, Stephen Burton & Beth Prullage

What do narrative therapy and narrative psychiatry have in common?  Our three co-presenters took turns sharing different experiences with bridging narratively-informed psychotherapy, psychiatric care and mental health treatment. The conversation focused on about common core principles and practices for therapeutic conversations that foster resilience,  employ externalizing practices to develop culturally-contextualized understandings of problems that are separate from the person’s identity, and build on the family’s or individual’s values, cultural context and vision of well-being.


In preparation, we shared the following:

After working with aging folks as a geriatric psychiatrist for 17 years, I grew to appreciate the non-pathological, non-diagnosable eccentricity and richness of lived experience represented by the woman in the poem.

Stephen Burton

Recording of March, 2016 Collab Salon

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